Our journey into roasting really began over a decade ago when we first dove into the industry as baristas, managers, and trainers. Throughout this time, we both developed a true respect for the craft, often daydreaming (over lattes, of course) about how we might turn our shared love for coffee into a life someday.


Recognizing where his passion was rooted, Kyle began pursuing roasting opportunities wherever he could find them, ultimately advancing his career to roast master positions at both large- and small-scale operations across the country. Thanks to some great mentors at this time, Kyle was encouraged to take the expertise he developed and venture out on his own.  With the blessing of loved ones and a few pinky-promises to each other, we moved back home to our beloved Rocky Mountains and set out to make the long-awaited Wander Coffee dream a reality.


After a short time getting our family settled into Colorado, we excitedly opened the doors to our Fort Collins roastery in November of 2016. Starting off with a single online order on our first day in business, we never imagined that just a few years later we would have so many loyal wholesale partners throughout the region and so many amazing customers throughout the country. It’s been a wild ride, and we’re so grateful for every minute of it.


Though much has changed and expanded since our opening day, what guided us then still guides us now: Great flavor and good conscience should never be mutually exclusive. Always keeping this mindset at the forefront, we have learned how to utilize both technological advancements and sustainable practices to not only roast exceptional coffees, but to roast exceptional coffees without social or environmental compromise. Through our commitment to produce beans that are as ethical as they are delicious, we are humbled to now represent some of the most popular coffees in the area.   


We never take for granted how fortunate we are to see our decade-old daydream come to fruition—especially with our kids by our side—and we have so many of you to thank for that. Whether you’re a wholesale partner, a casual customer, or a devoted fan—thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support. We can’t wait to continue wandering the world of coffee with you for many years to come!


Kyle & Megan Kmetz

Wander Coffee Co-Owners

About Wander Coffee

Our Values



We are committed to exclusively selling specialty-grade coffee roasted in batches of twenty pounds or less. Using the latest technologies and control methods, we also taste and test our beans daily to establish quality in every cup.  


As avid nature lovers ourselves, we are inspired to sustain the earth through all of our actions. From using environmentally conscious  equipment to packaging all of our products with biodegradable materials, we are proud to raise the bar in eco-friendly roasting.


We believe that all coffee farmers deserve fair compensation for the crops they so artfully raise. By working closely with our importers, we are able to ensure that all payments to our farmers are higher than even the fair-trade standard.


We love how coffee's common grounds allow people from all walks of life to become cohesive groups. Thrilled to take part in these caffeinated connections, we promise to promote diversity and community in all that we do.  



When it comes to roasting, Kyle’s philosophy is pretty simple:

Preserve and elevate the qualities that great beans innately bring to the table.

He is grateful to get to source some of the finest coffees in the world and believes that roasting them with a combination of art and science is an important way to honor the farmers who raised them before us. Kyle is known for producing incredibly balanced coffees and is often delighted to hear customers exclaim how our beans convinced them to ditch the cream they previously assumed was required.


With a desire to assist both our wholesale partners and retail customers discover all that coffee has to offer, Kyle is always happy to help others pinpoint the perfect roast for their palates.

Connect with him directly at kyle@wandercoffee.com.





After spending some time in the education field, Megan is excited to return to the coffee industry with her husband and kids at her side. Between juggling mom duties at home and managing various creative projects for the business, she has never felt so content in her life--or so thankful for the caffeine that powers it. 



Sage basically started his roasting apprenticeship the day he was born--and has genuinely been our right-hand guy ever since. He currently serves as the business's top bag sealer, yoga-break initiator, and decaf enthusiast. Sage plans to take over roasting as soon as he's out of preschool--and, at this point, we wouldn't be surprised! 



Hazel joined the team a month after we opened and has been keeping the whole crew laughing ever since. Her favorite place in the world is next to her dad, and she is always eager for more time at the roastery. She loves labeling bags, sneaking nitro, and reminding us all that spontaneous dance parties are a workplace necessity. 



Laid-back, super-sweet, and generally chilling out in the baby carrier on her mom, Winnie has brought so much joy to our family and business. In terms of coffee preferences, she is currently just sticking with her beloved "latte-hold-the-espresso" but is excited to have the big kids introduce her to the good stuff in a few years. 

"Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe."


Anatole France

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