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We have long been intrigued with the wandering nature of the coffee that enters our micro-roastery. After all, our beans tend to be the ultimate nomads, typically venturing across the globe as raw products before eventually settling down with us in Fort Collins, Colorado.


It is here, at our family owned and operated facility, that we strive to honor this adventurous commodity using elevated roasting techniques steeped in both science and sustainability. Through these progressive practices, we are able to responsibly transform each of our coffees into products boasting of sweetness, balance, and full flavor. Considering our beans have wandered across the world to meet us—and, more importantly, to serve you—it seems only fair that we take the time to perfect them in this eco-friendly way every day.

About Wander Coffee



We are committed to exclusively selling specialty-grade coffee roasted in batches of twenty pounds or less. Using the latest technologies and control methods, we also taste and test our beans daily to establish quality in every cup.  


As avid nature lovers ourselves, we are inspired to sustain the earth through all of our actions. From using environmentally conscious  equipment to packaging all of our products with biodegradable materials, we are proud to raise the bar in eco-friendly roasting.


We believe that all coffee farmers deserve fair compensation for the crops they so artfully raise. By working closely with our importers, we are able to ensure that all payments to our farmers are higher than even the fair-trade standard.


We love how coffee's common grounds allow people from all walks of life to become cohesive groups. Thrilled to take part in these caffeinated connections, we promise to promote diversity and community in all that we do.  

Our family




Kyle has been working in the coffee industry for nearly a decade. Beginning his career as a barista and roaster in Wyoming, he eventually moved across the country to serve as a roaster and corporate trainer for a major Indianapolis coffee company. It was always his dream to return to the Rocky Mountain region to open his own eco-friendly micro-roastery--and he is thrilled to now be making that a reality.



Megan has worked as a barista in a variety of coffee shops throughout the years. After spending some time in the education field, she is excited to return to the coffee industry with her husband and kids at her side. Between juggling mom duties at home and managing various creative projects for the business, she has never felt so content in her life--or so thankful for the caffeine that powers it. 



At just two years old, Sage Wilder is easily the world's youngest (and, dare we say, cutest) roasting apprentice. Joining his mom and dad at their micro-roastery on a regular basis, he currently serves as the business's top bean collector, dance party initiator, and decaf enthusiast. Though Sage's roasting skills are still in the works, his dad looks forward to showing him all the specialty coffee ropes in the near future.



Hazel Whimsy joined the family in Dec. 2016 and has been keeping the whole crew laughing ever since. Given her fascination with her dad's latte art and the shiny roasting equipment, Hazel is all smiles whenever she's at "work." Though she regularly falls asleep on the job and is known to demand a "latte-hold-the-espresso" at the top of every hour, it would be hard to find a sweeter addition to the group. 

Thank you to the wonderful team at Wild Bliss Photography for these family photos.

"Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe."


Anatole France