Ultimate Coffee Destinations

November 27, 2016

I have come to believe that coffee is more than just brown water with the purpose of a caffeine boost. Coffee can evoke emotion based on what we are doing and where we are. It can be a source of comfort at home. It can be social at the office during break time. Really, it can be a commonality that people share everywhere.


Being a coffee roaster, I have had the chance to enjoy drinking coffee in a variety of places that ultimately became my favorite spots. Since coffee is better shared with friends, I thought I’d pass on my recommendations so you can enjoy some joe there, too:


1. Steamboat Springs, Colorado: Whether skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, Steamboat is one of my favorite places to drink coffee. There’s nothing like enjoying a hot cup of coffee before heading to the mountain to get some ski turns in.


2. Poudre Canyon: This canyon is gorgeous and a great area to savor a cup of coffee. If you are headed to The Mishawaka for a show, coffee will put a little pep in your step.


3. Fort Collins’ Local Coffee Shops: We are very fortunate to have so many coffee shops in Fort Collins. Coffee shops are a great place to meet up with friends, family, or even a date. These shops can bring us together, and the hot beverages they serve can certainly help stimulate good conversation.


4. Edora Park: Located in the middle of Fort Collins off East Stuart Street, this park has it all. Personally, I will sip coffee in between runs at the skate park, while my wife does the same at the playground with our son. Edora also has tennis courts, a baseball complex, and even a Frisbee golf course.


5. Horsetooth Reservoir: For those people who like the outdoors but don’t want to drive hours to the mountains, the Horsetooth Reservoir is a wonderful option. This area has spots to fish and camp, and there are also places to rock climb. It is quite a place to relax with a strong cup of coffee.


6. Fort Collins Breweries: Fort Collins is a mecca for breweries. There are so many fantastic breweries that are brewing some of the best beer in the country. If you are planning on visiting a brewery or taking a brew tour, make sure to also order a great cup of coffee to help you power through.


7. On the Commute: While we were starting Wander Coffee, we were living out of town and spent around three hours a day commuting back and forth. One of the things that made this drive tolerable was a big cup of coffee. Many of us in the Fort Collins area have at least a little bit of a commute and coffee can help us enjoy those hours on the road.


8. Medicine Bow Peak: Being from Wyoming, Medicine Bow Peak holds a special place in my heart. It is an hour and a half drive from Fort Collins and offers camping, fishing and some spectacular views. Out of all the places I’ve mentioned, this has to be my top favorite place to drink coffee.


Where are your favorite places to drink coffee?

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