We strive to provide our wholesale clients with the best prices, friendliest service, and greatest customization options possible. Whether you are looking to stock custom-blended coffees in your store, use our beans for your restaurant's coffee program, or simply serve our brew to employees at your office, we are bound to have options that will fit your budget, vision, and needs. Contact us today to get started.

Wander Wholesale

wholesale benefits



As always, we import only specialty-grade beans and roast everything we sell in batches of 20 pounds or less. Our practice of small-batch roasting--regardless of total wholesale order size--ensures consistency in every coffee ordered.


All of our wholesale coffees are sold in biodegradable or recyclable packaging and roasted using environmentally friendly technology. Wholesale clients can additionally opt for digital-only invoices to further reduce waste.

staff training & coffee education


We are available for complimentary training sessions for staff members at businesses serving our coffees. Depending on your interests and needs, we can cover anything from basic coffee concepts to latte art to roasting at large.  

no mins or limits

on anything


Whether you need 10 pounds or 1000 pounds of beans--and yes, we're equipped for both!--your prices will remain at the very lowest rung. Plus, regardless of order size, your order will always be rapidly fulfilled.

customized blends & packaging


In addition to our regular product offerings, we are also happy to develop custom-blended coffees for you to sell or distribute exclusively through your business. Custom-designed packaging is always included at no extra cost.

coffee equipment

lease options


Hoping to reduce the burden of large purchases, we offer our wholesale clients lease options on coffee equipment.  Whether looking for a grinder or an espresso machine, we can help you both find and finance what you need.

fast & friendly

customer service


We believe offering top-notch customer service is just as important as serving up delicious coffees. That's why--no matter the day--you can always expect a quick response from us.  We're available 24/7 for all your coffee needs.




There's no need to pay your wholesale invoice the day you place or receive your order. Once we begin a wholesale partnership, you get the flexibility of 30 days to pay--and can do so online or through the mail via card, check, or cash.



We work hard to offer the lowest possible pricing to our wholesale clients. Whether you're ordering packaged bags to re-sell on your shelves or bulk beans to brew onsite, we can help you determine the best options for your budget.  

free preventative



Whether you lease coffee equipment through us or have already purchased your own, we will gladly provide you with free preventative maintenance scheduled at intervals to best meet your needs--all at no additional cost. 

QUICK turnaround & low shipping


Unless other arrangements are made, local wholesale clients can expect to have their orders delivered the following day (including weekends). Wholesale orders that must be shipped will be sent via USPS the next business day.

wholesale only

products & sizes


Our wholesale clients have the ability to order an array  of syrups, filters, cleaners, and other coffee items directly from us. Wholesale clients can also select special coffee bag sizes including single-brew packs and large bulk bags.


wholesale coffee OPTIONS

Single-Brew Packs
Perfect for office environments, hotels, hostels, and catering events, single-brew packs offer an easy way for employees and customers to brew their own coffee without worrying about measuring or grinding.
Large Bulk Bags
Buying in bulk is the most affordable option we offer, and is oftentimes the best fit for coffee shops, restaurants, and grocers.
Custom Blended Coffees
Creating your own coffee blend can be quite the fun adventure, and we welcome you to be as hands on with the experience as you like. We'll begin the process simply learning about your favorite flavor notes and roast levels, and then move on to more intricate phases form there.
Limited Edition Products
Throughout the year, we handcraft a variety of limited edition products that are perfect for retail locations. Usually sold around holidays or at special events, these unique products tend to fly off the shelves.
Custom Packaged Coffees
Provided at no additional cost, we will gladly customize our tags and/or packaging to fit your brand. Private labeling is also available.
Signature Wander Coffees
Purchase our signature Wander Coffee single origin and blended coffees at a steeply discounted price for resale at your business.
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